“Do men start wars?” Repost from Inside-Man.Co.UK

Glen Poole writes, “as men, we are expected to share collective responsibility for the horrors of war (in a way that women aren’t)”, clarifying that “the true meaning in the question ‘Do men start wars?’ [is]…’Do all men— men as a class—start wars?’ ” But he asks, “how many of us actually know a man who has started a war? I certainly don’t and the last time I looked, I was still a man and I still haven’t launched any major armed conflicts”.


7 thoughts on ““Do men start wars?” Repost from Inside-Man.Co.UK

  1. Gender is a red herring, every individual is collectively responsible for the wars around the globe, and all collectively suffer from them directly or indirectly (including via taxation to pay for armies.)

    1. As a general rule it is the OLD MEN who hold the political power in their nation who start the wars and the Young Men who fight those wars and pay the ultimate price in the search for glory.

      1. The notion that all men / all women are responsible are simply intellectually dishonest attempts to blame the opposite gender while absolving their own gender of any and all responsibility. As a group neither men nor women are monolithic nor does everyone fit neatly into a one size fits all concept.

  2. War is an effect of the state, an effect of taxation. The state is a an effect of (a reflection of) the family. Immoral, irrational, violent and authoritative (ie coercive) parents create children who will grow up to be immoral, irrational, violent and coercive people (or subservient to coercive authority) AKA ‘politicians’, ‘voters’ and ‘law enforcers’.

    So whether we have war or peace, tyranny or anarchy is determined by our early childhood experiences – which is to say it is determined by the type of parenting which was most prevalent 20-60 years previously.

    So the question can now be reframed as “Do women play a significant role in parenting, especially during early childhood?”

    And the answer has to be “Yes”

    Even in the west 90% of women *admit* to hitting their infants and young children on a regular basis. Hitting young children literally re-wires the brain, inhibits the development of reason and empathy and puts the child into a physiological state of ‘flight or fright’ which can then become that person’s ‘go to’ state in times of stress throughout their life.

    Also if someone is genetically predisposed to being a psychopath then hitting them in early childhood can be the factor which pushes them over into full blown psychopathy. All of history’s great tyrants were severely beaten, abused, neglected and humiliated as children.

    Each hit a mother inflicts on her baby or child is planting a seed for war. We might think of it as the first act of war.

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