William Collins (mra-uk): The Global Gender Gap Report

At least they’re being honest that they consider male disadvantage as equality for women.


3 thoughts on “William Collins (mra-uk): The Global Gender Gap Report

  1. He got this part right, “This is not merely sexism: it is fascism.”

    Something that’s really hard for a lot of women to see, is how anti-woman this propaganda really is. They are measuring everything in terms of male defined roles. Women who work as mothers, wives, or in farming and agriculture, handiwork, culture, community, don’t even warrant a mention because they aren’t formally educated and plugged into the traditional economy. That invisible work that women do all over the world however, is what helps to add value and worth to our whole quality of life. Taking women away from these jobs, insisting they become educated, and pursue monetary wealth and political power, is actually a really elitist and demeaning thing to do to women.

    If you research cultures that have collapsed, some Native American tribes for example, that’s the first thing they did, take away men’s ability to provide, haul the kids off to re-education camp, and plug the women into the formal economy. It’s eerily similar to what we’re doing to just about everybody here in the US.

      1. Thanks. I write volumes about this kind of thing. It’s actually the perspectives of others that I kind of appreciate. It gives me hope to know somebody else is paying attention to what’s going on 😉

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