Ban “Feminism”? No.

Just like I don’t want to ban “bossy”. Because I don’t believe in censorship. Though the poetic justice of feminists on the receiving end of tactics they’ve used against others is kinda funny.

I don’t even want to ban racial slurs – not because I support them, but because free speech is a guarantee that you will be offended.

Besides, offensive people will face social ostracism, and that will take care of the problem.


One thought on “Ban “Feminism”? No.

  1. I don’t believe that there is a reasonable soul who believes that the term will ever be banned. This is just another example of the internet’s immune system responding to Social Justice Warriors. I find it interesting that’s response is “it’s been rigged by the idiots at 4chan,” then update it with “Oh, and these other idiots,” then once again follow up with “Oh, and these idiots, too!” Here’s the thing: it isn’t rigged, it’s being responded to by a variety of people that don’t fall under the category of The Usual Suspects.

    Anyway, if the term were ever banned, I’d have to refer to myself as an anti-censored.

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