Dating Was Better in High School Because of No Marriage Expectations

There’s a lot that could be said about this short video excerpt on Japanese “grass eaters” or “herbivore men”.

Though in their late 30s, the men in this video have virtual girlfriends and pretend to be teenagers.

While they are likely to be judged as creeps, what drew my attention is their statement that back when they were in high school they could have relationships with girls without marriage being an issue. But as men marriage is inevitably an issue.

They seem to imply that they’ve checked out because they can’t meet the demands of the male marriage role, which primarily is financial. Japan’s economy flatlined in the 1990s, much as Western economies appear to have flatlined after 2008. But women’s demands on men haven’t adjusted to the new reality. If anything, the demands have increased because most women are in the workforce but still expect to find a husband who will increase their standard of living.

Could something like herbivore men become a trend in the West? MGTOW, at this point, seems to be a choice rather than by default, but economic expectations relative to reality could introduce a new element.