A Response to Aaron Clarey: Abusing MGTOW

Aaron Clarey is straightforward about his opinions. He knows some will be offended. And he doesn’t care.

In a recent Youtube video, Abusing MGTOW, Clarey describes three groups among Men Going Their Own Way:

  • Veterans (of marriage or long-term relationships) who are saying, “no more”.
  • Young men who could date and aren’t afraid to ask women out, but who have opted out after seeing fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. screwed over by family court.
  • Cowards/posers who want women but are too afraid to ask them out, and who abuse MGTOW as their excuse.

The comment section is not favourable.

While I think Clarey was harsh, I also found some value in what he said. Below is a copy-n-paste of a comment I posted to his video:

Strong emotional responses. As a divorced, middle aged guy who doesn’t plan to remarry, and even quit dating because it’s just not worth it – but who hasn’t adopted the MGHOW label due to problems I see with how many MGTOW present themselves – I understand where Clarey is coming from.

Clarey is one to use strong language (eg “cowards”). But this creates an emotional response, at which point some people stop listening.

Many young men are shy, and so approaching women is difficult. I wouldn’t call this cowardice. And young women, getting so much attention, are too often arrogant and uncompassionate. They literally have no idea what it’s like for men.

Further, many of these young men are NOT cowards – they have approached women often but face constant rejection. Often this is through no fault of their own, but instead because even an average looking 20 year old woman has so much more sexual power than the average man.

Other young men do have emotional problems or poor social skills, and so even unattractive women reject them. One criticism I do think if very valid for many MGTOW is emotional immaturity.

So, while I think Clarey’s “third group” does exist, “poser” isn’t a word I’d choose. Instead I’d say “MGTOW by default.”


6 thoughts on “A Response to Aaron Clarey: Abusing MGTOW

  1. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. This. Conversation.

    I will shortly be producing my first YouTube video, one, which I believe will permanently settle the question. I’m taking an ax to this zombie-conversation’s head, even if only to assuage my own annoyance.

  2. By the way, I agree with the substance of your post, I think that Aaron was being uncharitable in the way that people who don’t have a given problem can be.

    “The poor should just get a job”TIM ~ Some born-to-wealth person.

    “You just need to be yourself!” ~ 6’2 Genetically Enhanced Rich Kid

    “Just do it!” ~ Some guy who has been trained since childhood to “do it.”

    I personally would not call it “MGTOW by default” as much as I might call it “beaten down.” It’s hard to run a marathon when one has had his knees clubbed over and over.

  3. Something he said that I think is kind of good, he mentioned men not making women their first priority in life. Ideology and philosophy aside, that is simply sound mental health. It seems to me as if all men should put themselves and their interests before women. When women are the beginning and end all of your entire life, that actually is a huge burden to put on us. Women can really only fulfill a part of men’s lives.

    Some mgtow’s I encounter do nothing but talk about women 24/7, usually negatively. Needless to say, if you do that, then your entire existence still revolves around women. Most however are very nice and I really don’t like hearing them called cowards or posers or whatever. One guy I know was actually married for about 3 months, love of his life, but she got hit by a bus and killed. So what if he’s hiding behind mgtow or something. Wouldn’t you be?

    1. I agree: for a man’s life to revolve around women (or a woman’s to revolve around men) isn’t healthy, yet the MGTOW obsession with women means one hasn’t gotten past this point.

      It reminds me of atheists who talk endlessly about God. If atheism is like disbelief in unicorns, then why talk so much about God and never unicorns?

      I think this applies to anger as well – it’s okay to feel angry and express it, but the problem comes with being stuck in neutral and not working past it.

  4. “Some mgtow’s I encounter do nothing but talk about women 24/7, usually negatively. Needless to say, if you do that, then your entire existence still revolves around women.”

    This is exactly the issue that arises with MGTOWs. I’m not sure if I am one or not, but it seems less to be about going your own way if all one does is gripe about not having success with women without doing anything to improve your SMV and game. This again all depends on how much time you want to invest with women, your SMV, game, ect.

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