Men’s Rights Activists: Conservative? Liberal? None of the Above?

What political pigeonhole do American men’s rights activists fall into?

The average American.

Dean Esmay of A Voice for Men, the web’s most popular MRA website, recently published data from Quantcast showing that about a quarter of visitors are Republicans (the same as Americans in general), a quarter are Democrats (slightly less than Americans in general), and half are independents (slightly more than Americans in general).

Esmay concludes, “Note to the Democratic and Republican parties: there’s a growing group of swayable voters interested in men’s and boys’ issues. Are you going to keep ignoring them?”

Good question.


2 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Activists: Conservative? Liberal? None of the Above?

  1. Kind of interesting, but Laura Bush got a great deal of flack for attempting to do just that. She had several projects going on involving mentoring boys and spoke quite a bit about how boys were lagging behind in education. Later President Obama had some similar mentoring ideas and a fatherhood initiative, both of which he dumped rather quickly when he saw where the political winds were going.

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