To Kill a Mockingbird: All Men Are Tom Robinson Now

To Kill a Mockingbird: All Men Are Tom Robinson Now


One thought on “To Kill a Mockingbird: All Men Are Tom Robinson Now

  1. That’s a good article, thanks for linking to it. To Kill a Mockingbird was all the things described in the article, but also a portrait of what happens when you allow fear and hysteria to rule the day. Cooler heads need to prevail, justice needs to prevail.

    Rape has really become a witch hunt that has grown all out of proportion. I was talking to some younger girls on the internet the other day who were saying rape is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone. Bit of gallows humor here, but no, there’s other horrors in life that are even worse, death, dismemberment, ebola. What was so disconcerting is that these girls have been taught a distorted perception of rape, all full of hysteria and hyperbole and fear-mongering. To make it worse, eventually the conversation progressed to rape is so awful, you’d just have to kill yourself. Talk about memes screwing with girls heads, it was something out of the 16 century or something.

    So yeah, sexually confuse young girls, promote hysteria, dehumanize men, and then set up systems that bypass the legal system. That’s a terrifying recipe for disaster.

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