Kids Love Mothers More

Kids are not more honest – lying doesn’t have to be taught, though honesty does. But kids are more blunt.

Jimmy Kimmel asked kids whether they love mommy or daddy more. Almost all chose mommy. The ethics of this experiment aside (especially with dad standing right there), my view is pragmatic: young kids have a natural connection with mom, who physically carried them for nine months and was the primary caretaker for years thereafter.

I felt the same way as little boy. And I knew my dad knew it.

But things changed as a teenager. Any mother will tell you that teenage boys are a challenge. That`s when my dad became my primary parent, and still is today.

He`s been described as having a problem with authority. It`s true. He`s anti-authoritarian. Being forced into a war you didn`t choose and didn`t want to be in can do that.

Grandpa was an old fashioned guy. He never once told my dad that he loved him. My dad tells me he loves me all the time.

That means the world. He chose to be the dad he is.

Dad gave me two rules and one privilege: You can do whatever you want so long as you don`t impose yourself on anyone, and you take full responsibility for your actions.

A philosophy of life, in one sentence.